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Victoria Cartagena
3 months ago
For me I was nervous about getting lip fillers for the first time ever and was intimidated about who go to. I connected with their Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Kassandra Marin who is really friendly and professional. Normally I’d prefer in person consultations but totally understand we had to initially connect virtually because of COVID. I told Kassandra my needs and wants and she educated me on the entire process. Less than 15 minutes later of talking I felt so comfortable to just book my appointment with her. We decided to go with one full Syringe of Juvederm for my filler. She didn’t leave me in the dark about anything leading up to the days of my appointment. She was so thorough about pre and post operation instructions to minimize swelling and bruising. I followed her direction exactly as she instructed and my results are beautiful and I barely had any bruising. During the procedure she was gentle, quick and provided me the tools needed to distract myself from any sort of pain. I was honestly not nervous at all and she made me feel at ease the entire time. I knew I could trust her with my beauty goals long term. With my goals in mind she has set some realistic expectations in place to achieve my results. I already want to schedule my next appointment because I’m so obsessed with my results. Their entire staff is friendly and take covid protocols seriously. I order for me to continue with the appointment I had to test negative of course for covid which is a test they provide. I have a lot of respect for this practice and would absolutely recommend Kassandra on behalf of Coastal Regenerative for fillers, esthetics and all around exceptional beauty experience.
Shannon Carney
3 months ago
I was pretty nervous about the procedure, but Dr. Cohen and his staff kept me well-informed every step of the way. They answered all of my questions and even spent 30 minutes on the phone with my husband answering his questions.The procedure itself was much easier than I expected. It was great that my husband was allowed to be in there with me throughout the whole thing.The staff was great about reminding me of upcoming visits and checking in with me every day after my visits to make sure everythingwas OK.I highly recommend Dr. Cohen.
Brett Longo
4 months ago
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Cohen and his staff. Extremely, and I mean extremely friendly. Dr. Cohen was genuinily concerned for my health. Likewise, about a year ago, my daughter had visited Dr. Cohen for a PRP injection to her knee and Dr. Cohen was interested in her health as well. I told him the PRP injections incresed her healing time and got her ready for dance season which was right around the corner. As for me, I'm 55 and at my age, healing generally takes longer. I like to stay fit and enjoy exercising. Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder and had to go into rehab mode. As a Physical Therapist, I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. I really had three options, continue to rehab, consult with Dr. Cohen, or consult with a Orthopedic Surgeon. I chose Dr. Cohen as I knew he would be able to diagnose my condition using an Ultrasound Imaging right there in his office real time. Unfortunately, Orthopedic surgeons use MRI to get an image. The process is slow and expensive. Sure enough Dr. Cohen was able to diagnose a partial thickness tear in one of my rotaor cuff muscles, and tendonitis in another. At my age, this would have taken months to resolve. As soon as we had a diagnosis, Dr. Cohen felt very confident PRP injections would be the answer. I look forward to having a painfree shoulder while I exercise. I advise anyone over age 50 to consider getting an opinion from Dr. Cohen before going the traditional medical route of getting an MRI and consulting with a Surgeon. You may just find Dr. Cohen and his staff to be the better option.
Abby Treloggen
6 months ago
Dr. Ronald Cohen attended the torn meniscus in my knee and the hip bursitis cause by the injury. He gave me the most thorough exam to an injury I had every had and treated the knee and hip with PRP. It was completely successful and here years later I'm still grateful. He is definitely5 stars!
Gary Thompson
6 months ago
A real pleasure dealing with Dr. Cohen and his team! My wife and I have both had fabulous results from Regenexx stem cell procedures.
The Schmo
7 months ago
For better or worse, The Schmo damaged both his right and left meniscus. Dr. Cohen and his staff have been a phenomenal alternative to surgery and long-term recovery. 6 weeks removed from PRP Treatment, The Schmo has always been able to train at 100% capacity. Currently, at age 30 The Schmo's knees are the strongest the've been since age 19. The Schmo highly recommends a visit to this facility!
Jim Waterhouse
1 year ago
As I ran down the stairs to catch a subway, this popped into my head. Probably because I heard Dr. Cohen started a new practice and I wanted to give him some accolades. A few years ago I was doing a lot of running and experiencing extreme heel pain. I was constantly limping with both feet. Stairs were my nemesis, hobbling down them one step at a time. I went to a few different doctors who told me to stretch, take NSAIDs and ice. It helped mildly. Or the alternative: cut my Achilles, grind down my heel bone and reattach it... On a whim I went to see Dr Cohen. Using the ultrasound, he saw a lot of damage in the Achilles on both heels. He was honest while saying platelets "may" help, but he was not optimistic it would. I was tired of literally side stepping down stairs, so I went ahead with it. It took about six weeks, but one day I realized I hadn't taken any turmeric, ibuprofen or Aleve... And it was well into the afternoon. There was nothing else about my regime that I had changed. While I have run a bit, I'm hesitant to push it, so it's not that often or frequent, but I can. And even better, I rarely take NSAIDs. I wake up in the morning and I can walk down the stairs to feed my cats. I can walk and stand at work all day. I can run down a flight of stairs and catch the subway. Thanks, Doctor Ron—it's a medical miracle!
Ginny Friedman
1 year ago
I love that you have done this. So great to know that it’s not always just about pushing to surgery!
Jim Carter
1 year ago
Dr. Cohen - Congratulations on your new Center. I know you help a lot of people! Glad to have you in the community.
Marcos Duarte
1 year ago
Dr. Cohen has done extensive work on me over the last 3 years. I might be the most in history !!!! I came to his office with hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, and glute pain. Surgeries on my hips, shoulders, knee and other injuries due to work and lifestyle had caught up with me. I found Dr. Cohen out of desperation !!!! Surgeries were supposed to have fixed me and I was never told or educated about alternative treatments. I walked into Dr. Cohens office hoping to find something to give me hope. My hips were constantly hurting along with my shoulders and everything in between. I was a medical mess !!!! Dr Cohen performed a Stemcell Procedure on both if my hips and knee, followed up with PRP. Over the next few months the pain gradually started to disappear!!!! Over the next 2 years I had PRP treatments on my SI joints, IT Bands, Piraformis, Sternoclavicular Joint, Shoulders, and hips and knee for maintenance. I can't thank Dr Cohen and his staff enough. They have been very helpful and kind throughout the whole process. I walked into his office BROKEN !!!!! My career was on the line and I had pretty much given up. I no longer live close to Dr Cohens office but I know that I wouldn't be back in the line of work I am in if it wasn't for him helping get back on my feet. I would recommend his office to anyone who is hurting or facing a possible surgery. PRP and Stemcell followed up with good Physical Therapy is the way to go. I know because I tried surgery first !!!!!! Know your options. Thankyou Dr Cohen

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