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Getting you back to better health with one of the world’s leading regenerative orthopedic specialists—and now also offering a variety of aesthetic and wellness services.

Regenerative Orthopedics, Aesthetics & Wellness

Conveniently located in San Diego, CA, Coastal Regenerative Orthopedics & Wellness Center provides advanced bone marrow concentrate, platelet-rich plasma, platelet lysate, and other regenerative orthopedic procedures, along with a broad range of wellness services. Our extensive evaluations help guide the most appropriate treatment for your unique condition.

Dr. Ron Cohen is in the top 1% of America’s doctors when it comes to experience and training in regenerative orthopedic treatments.

Our Services


Non-surgical treatment of arthritis, joint injuries and degenerative conditions that cause pain


Botox, Kybella Double Chin Treatment, Juvéderm, O-Shot®, Microneedling & Threading


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San Diego’s Regenexx Provider

We’re proud to bring Regenexx advanced regenerative orthopedic treatments to San Diego and the surrounding region. Our active community will benefit from these non-surgical solutions that are intended to improve function, reduce pain, and help patients return to daily activities they enjoy, without the lengthy & painful recovery of surgery. Many of today’s most common orthopedic surgeries have been shown to be ineffective and have serious long-term side effects. Regenexx Procedures utilize precise, image-guided injections of your body’s own repair cells to assist your body’s own natural ability to heal.

The Regenexx Difference – Learn why Regenexx is the trusted alternative to surgery and other non-surgical solutions.

Regenexx® Procedures provide non-surgical treatment options for those suffering from pain related to osteoarthritis, joint injuries, spine pain, overuse conditions, and common sports injuries. These medical procedures are only performed by highly-skilled doctors and are used to help reduce pain and improve function. Regenexx procedures have helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life, return to the activities they enjoy, and avoid the need for surgery or joint replacement*.


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